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Sorry for the bump, I have a quick question. This is all new to me so I'm sorry if the answer is obvious. I'd just like to get things right the first try.

Svn Server Download

Would it work if I do it this way: 1) TortoiseSVN ->Export a clean copy of my modified GZDoom (including unversioned files since I've added some). Cleaned meaning no.obj/release files, removed.vcproject.user files, etc 2) Checkout that exported folder into my SVN repository So which one should be my main working project? GZDoom or my fork? I was thinking the former because that gets updated more frequently.

So: - Keep working on the official (modified) GZDoom project. - When GZDoom receives updates, make a.diff, then apply to fork, then commit updates to fork - If friend changes anything on the fork on the SVN, use TortoiseSVN ->Merge ->'Merge two different trees' on GZDoom so my copy is updated with his changes. Does this look correct? Nash Muhandes Joined: 27 Oct 2003 Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia •. When you say 'work on the fork'.

Which one is this exactly? Just to explain things further, this is my current pipeline: - SVN checkout original GZDoom SVN - make changes on this copy - now tons of red exclamation marks because it's different from original stuff - i consider this my 'fork'; I build out my own EXEs from this copy So what I'd like to do now, is I want to upload this modified copy to my SVN server, so that other people can work on it/download as they please. Let's call it 'zombie'. And when something in original GZDoom gets updated (via right-click on my copy of GZDoom with the red exclamation marks ->Perfume Polyrhythm Single Download Links there. SVN Update), I want to commit these changes to the 'zombie' repository so others get the latest original GZDoom fixes. Epson Stylus Photo R300 Hard Reset. I can't commit from this folder because if I click that, it wants to commit to the trunk on mancubus.net, which I don't want. All I'm looking for it to commit to 'zombie'.

This means I'd have to create a separate copy, using TortoiseSVN ->Export. Then from that exported folder, I can commit to zombie's SVN server. Is this correct? Nash Muhandes Joined: 27 Oct 2003 Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia •.


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Crossposted from the ZDoom forums. Odamex is based off of an old version of ZDoom; 1.22, with bits of 1.23 backported. Due to the nature of our port, we sometimes need to reference both source trees, and since those versions are pre-SVN you have to download the source manually, which is pretty inconvenient when you're trying to discuss parts of the code (i.e. No way to quickly link someone a particular file/line-number). I originally decided to put those two revisions into a public git repository, but then it occurred to me.why not put all pre-SVN versions of ZDoom into a repository and see what happens. At this point, I think I can consider it done. It has every version of ZDoom from 1.11 all the way to 2.0.98 (2.0.99 looks like it is SVN r1).

I don't recommend forking from this repository, since I might discover something 'wrong' with a revision and end up having to remake part of the history (plus it's old.why would you even bother?). Also, it's worth mentioning that git tracks renamed files based on a heruistic which can be imperfect at times, but it's better than nothing. Why did I post this here? Well, with this being a period of time in ZDoom history that isn't too well documented, I figure someone might find this interesting.