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This listing describes how a VSAM COBOL file containing OCCURS and REDEFINES can be processed using Informatica PowerCenter. Welcome the to the Normalizer Transformation in Informatica tutorial. In this tutorial we will discuss in details about Normalize Transformation and its types. This video describes -How to create a data map -Perform row test. Tubular Bells Wav Download Software. Gta 4 Xbox 360 Torrent Iso Player more. Vsam Files In Informatica. Vsam Tutorial We can use Normalizer transformation, to break out repeated data within a record into separate records.

Toolbox informatica-lNot clear how you have created the VSAM source, but if you manually create a cobol copybook with repeating the occurs columns and then import it to Infa sources. This will read the data as 11, f1,f2,f3,f4.f9, C1,c2.c5, xyz. If you did not expand the occurs in.cbl, Infa will create a separate target for each occurs clause. Fungsi Microsoft Word Di Dunia Kerja Yang.

Thanks -Vijay From: karthikeya g via informatica-l Sent: Tuesday, April 21, 2009 4:33 AM To: Vijay ja Subject: [informatica-l] Working with VSAM files as Source in Informatica? Hi, Whilw we are working with VSAM Sources in Informatica, As the souce file conatins multiple occurrences for different fileds (for eg field1 conatisn 9 occurs, field2 contains 5 occurs) the mapping becomes in valid?

Can anybody give me a suggession how to deal with the above scenario? Thanks in advance. Thanks, Karthik.

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