Visual Basic 5.0 Setup Toolkit Download

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Download Visual Basic 6.0 Installer

I had a problem like that once. It was caused because the Pack/De[loy wizard was using the wrong version of setup.exe.

Earlier I had made some kind of error (do not know what it was), it caused VB6 to lose the location of the setup file for Pack/Deploy so it ASKED me with 'Can not find file.' Browse for it'. Well, when I was browseing I chose the wrong Setup. Cara Cloning Windows Xp Tanpa Software Update here. exe (the one in Windows system32 setup.exe) and it has held on to the path ever since. I cant seem to find a way to change it to correct one. I get by the problem by manually copying the correct setup to the package after I make it.

Feb 17, 2017 - Download MSJAVA.DLL. After copying MSJAVA.DLL to either the System32 or SysWOW64 folder, you can launch the Visual Basic 6 setup.exe file to start the installation. You'll notice that it doesn't prompt you to update your Microsoft Virtual Machine for Java anymore. If you're unsure about the architecture. Apr 25, 2017 - This script converts the conventional Visual Basic 6.0 installer into new and compact setup using Inno Setup. Use VB6-VS6-generic.iss for porting Visual Studio 6.0 installer CD (Creates VB6 installer only). Download link: * Copy all the.