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MyDrive Connect is an application that helps you manage the contents and services of your navigation device. If you have not yet installed MyDrive Connect on your computer, you can download it here: Latest version To ensure you are using the latest version of MyDrive Connect, do the following: • Right click the MyDrive Connect icon ( or or ) in the Windows notification area or Apple menu bar. • Click >Settings then select the About tab. • If a new version is available, you see a link saying A newer version is available. Click here to install the latest version. • Click the link to install the latest version of MyDrive Connect. How to update the software on your device using MyDrive Connect • Connect your navigation device to your computer.

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Switch on your device. • If MyDrive Connect doesn't open automatically, click the MyDrive Connect icon ( or ) in the Windows notification area or Apple menu bar and then click MyDrive Connect. • If you are not already logged in, enter your email address and click Log in. You can select 'Remember my email address' so you don't have to enter it next time. • Click Update selected. MyDrive Connect will display what's new with this update, you must click Accept and Install to continue. Note: If no software update is available, the software on your navigation device is up-to-date.

You can disconnect your navigation device from the computer and skip the remaining steps. Environmental Ethics An Anthology Pdf. MyDrive Connect downloads and installs the software on your device. During the download and installation, MyDrive Connect shows the progress of the two operations: download to the computer and then installation on the navigation device. Important: Do not disconnect your navigation device. Your navigation device will display a message to say when it is safe to disconnect it. Once the installation is complete, you will see the message YOU'RE READY TO GO! In MyDrive Connect.

Click the My Content button to return to the MY CONTENT page. • When you see the message on your navigation device that the installation has completed, disconnect your navigation device from your computer. You can now use your navigation device with the installed software update. Status icons in MyDrive Connect An update is available for your device. The download and installation are in progress. Make sure that you keep your navigation device connected to your computer. Important updates await installation.

Disconnect and reconnect your device to continue the updates.

Hi, my TT XL IQ Routes edition is frozen at start-up and nothing seem to work. Already tried all methods I could find on forum including: 1) Deleted the application from TT and computer then, download and update the device. 2) Deleted all files (not folders) then, update the device, Didn't work. 3) Formatted (full, not quick) the TT and used a (Windows, not Home) backup copy to restore. Also uninstalled the Home 2, deleted all TomTom folders (from documents, and%appdata%) then installed a fresh copy of Home. It seems that when I disconnect my device from computer it doesn't dismount properly. When connected to computer the device doesn't ask if I want to connect to computer.

Jul 05, 2014 TOMTOM VERSIONE NAVCORE BOOTLOADER E MAPPA. GPS Tomtom One XL disassembly. TomTom One Edition with latest world maps v.960xxx Navcore 9.450. I am using bootloader 5.5128 on my tomtom one XL with new HCSD sd card without any problem, but that is in combination with the latest navcore v8.413.1237. 02-07-09, 05:30 pm #3 Downunder35m.

I have bought several maps until now so the device value is much higher for me, therefore I would appreciate if someone can help me repair my device. Hardware type: TomTom XL IQ Routes Edition SubID (feature) 0 1: 00 (000000) Bootloader version: 55.5277 clist#342886 RVCT Chacksum: C61F Memory: 64 MB, Type:MSDR CPU ID: 32412003 Clocks: 264.0 132.0 66.0 GPS Type: GL2 BCM4750 FFFF TFT Type: Samsung LMS430HF19 17 Internal FLASH capacity: 2007040 KB MMC NAND version (PRV): 36 Samsung Startup mode: Power down Device ID: RU 54xxxxxxx Touchscreen calib.

Contax Serial Numbers here. Data: 78 947 130 857 @3300mV Sector protection: Yes Battery boot voltage: 4118 mV RTC: 05:07:45 Kind regards, Cris. DHN, Thank you for your answer.

I tried using a different USB cable (even a different computer) and it didn't work. I would like to mention: - After a full format and installing first application from TomTom there is a message which says 'Restart your device manually' see the screenshot. It seems that Home already disconnected the device. After I pull out the USB cable the device restarts and instead showing the screen with driving rules and 'Continue' button the same screen (I guess) is scrolling/rolling very fast and I have to press on screen bottom right where 'Continue' button use to be and it goes to next screen which also is rolling very fast (nothing intelligible there). Adam Equity Theory Of Motivation Pdf Slides. After I connect it to computer the question if I want to connect to computer shows up also rolling very fast and I have to press somewhere on the screen where the Yes button use to be. Then in Home all buttons are available but if I press 'Operate my ONE XXL' the 'Clock settings' and 'Reset to factory settings' are greyed out.