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Rapidly evolving client needs are driving advances in information technology that are making the world seem smaller and flatter. One of the basic underlying requirements of these needs is access to information anywhere, on any device, at any time. The U2 UniObjects for.NET Compact Framework (UO.NETCF) library makes this kind of access possible. This article provides an example of how to take an existing PC-based application that communicates with a U2 database, and use it as the basis for developing a mobile application using UO.NETCF.

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Download Free Drilling Design Manual on this page. 24 Sep 2009 Smart devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, and factory controllers that use the Windows® CE Real Time Operating System (RTOS) can take advantage of applications developed in Visual Studio using the new UODONETCF.dll library released with UniVerse Clients 10. Download Psikotes Kerja Pdf. 3. This article explores an existing PC-based application written in C# using U2 UO.NET and describes how to migrate the application to a new compact framework application that can run on a smart device. The new smart device application uses the majority of the original application's source code. The article describes how to develop the new application with Microsoft® Visual Studio 2008 C#.NET Compact Framework and the UO.NETCF library. You could also use other languages such as Visual Basic or C++.