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Download MxTube for YouTube 4.1 for iPhone. The world best YouTube app is here. MxTube provides the best user experience and all the missing features from other YouTube.

MxTube v1.5a Beta Published by Via built-in Cydia Repo Free What's New In This Version Everyone's favorite app for downloading YouTube videos and storing them directly on the iPhone has now been updated to work with the iPhone 2.0 firmware. Version 1.5a is a temporary release to get users back on MxTube while the new features of version 2.0 are being tested. Currently, v1.5a offers the same exact functionality as the original MxTube, with the following extras: • Background Downloader • Video Descriptions • The ability to watch videos on MxTube before downloading them For those of you who have never used MxTube, I'll take you through the application in the form of a walkthrough. NOTE: This walkthrough assumes you have already jailbroken your iPhone, see our 3G Jailbreak Tutorials for &. Download MxTube v1.5a Beta from Cydia (see this for help) 2.

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Run MxTube When you first start MxTube you are asked to 'Accept' their license agreement and must do before proceeding. After tapping 'Accept', you are prompted with a one-time notice about how to donate to the author. I can't stress enough how much time these developers spend on creating these great applications for free, so if you have a buck to spare, please pitch in and contribute (especially if you find yourself using their app everyday, like we do).

The startup 'Featured' screen has a notice about where to find the developer for support, known bugs, and current features. In case you missed where to donate in the one time popup, the 'Featured' tab also has this information toward the bottom:). Search for YouTube Videos Tap 'Search' in the bottom tab bar, and type in your search words to find YouTube videos.

You will see two search options appear as you start to type. • YouTube Mobile • Apparently some videos available on YouTube Mobile are not available on the full site, and vice versa.

Currently searching will display a message about 'Feature Unavailable'. From the developer's site, this feature will be available when v2.0 is released soon. Spolszczenie Do Empire Total War Napisy there. Select video to download from search results.

After tapping 'Search' you are presented with a listing very similar to the listing of the built in YouTube application on the iPhone. Select the video you wish to download and you will be prompted with two options: • Stream • Download Stream gives you the ability to watch the video now, letting you decide if it is in fact the video you are looking to download. I already know that my favorite video is number 2, so I will select 'Download'. Had I selected 'Stream', the YouTube video player would have launched with the video requested. Choose what kind of file to download The program lets you choose whether to download a high quality version, or a low quality version of your selected video. Below I will show you two screenshots to illustrate the difference. Over an EDGE connection it could take a very long time to download a high quality video, but over 3G or WiFi you should be fine.