Ib Pyp Lesson Plan Template

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Ib Myp Lesson Plan Template

IB Planning Templates. Making The PYP Happen. Global Ed: Cultures in the Classroom: Cultivating Cultural Identity with Students. PYP Chat: Educators from around the world are invited to participate in #pypchat, which was created to provide PYP teachers with an opportunity to come together and share thoughts, experiences and strategies ~ to. More Ib Pyp Lesson Plan Template images.

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Epidemia Robin Cook Pdf Books. One of the biggest causes of learning tension I see with teachers new to inquiry or PYP, centers around planning for inquiry. There are lots of great blog posts about planning for inquiry: However, many of these posts focus on inquiry-based planning in a long-range and short-range sense. The question I get from many teachers I work with is: “What does inquiry-based planning look like from day to day? Burning Down The House The Story Of Cbgb Download Chrome more. ” I have noticed that many of the teachers new to inquiry and PYP at my school use their day plan templates from non-inquiry-based or non-PYP education systems.

I wonder how much these day-to-day planning tools preclude teachers from achieving their goals of planning and teaching units in an inquiry-based, PYP way? Inspired by this question, I have been working on a mock-up of a potential PYP day plan template. I have tried to structure the day plan to include time for Unit of Inquiry, Stand-Alone Math Inquiry and Stand-Alone Literacy Inquiry. Within each type of inquiry I have tried to include an explicit focus on the essential elements of the PYP, stages of the inquiry cycle, approaches to teaching, assessment and reflection. Here is my first draft: Here is an example of what it might look like once it is filled in: My hope is that by changing or adapting their planning tool, teachers will also change the way in which they plan – and consequently the way in which they teach. Building space on day plans for a guiding questions, elements of the PYP, stages of inquiry, approaches to teaching, assessment and reflection will hopefully make these components of inquiry-based, PYP teaching and learning more explicit in the minds of teachers when they are planning each day.