How To Hack Internet Speed Pldt

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The PLDT Home App is your quick, easy, and 24/7 access to a digitally connected HOME. Now, enjoy the convenience of shopping, paying bills, and getting after-sales support in just one easy click on your phone. Useless app, the same applies to the customer support. Can't wait for the contract to be terminated. PLDT never shows care for home users, only shows service to business users.

Checked the reviews and did not see any reviews to have provided you positive feedback. That only shows how unsatisfactory your service is. You have many subacribers because there is a limited choice of ISP.

I'm pretty sure you know that, it's just that you choose to ignore it which is the only area you're good. 😡 Unsatisfactory service yet bills should be paid timely. There wasn't any good will conducted out of the discripancies caused by your company and not the users.

After 167 million lightyears, I saw an interesting source that tells something about my previous post dedicated for PLDT Home Ultera users and I have been receiving a lot of questions for the follow up that I promised. I am sorry because Ultera is somewhat new to the market so it is very hard to tweak its system and hacking it.

Just purely outraging. Customer service is not customer service, it is only service. I would have given zero if choices provided it.

How To Hack Internet Speed Pldt

Hi all, well i found i linux tweak long ago i use it and worked well im not sure why not many people use this tweak on every ROM, you have some improvements in your internet connection. So thats why i made this 'tweak' available for all and no need 'flash' the zip. This work its based on a know linux tweak in fact it was discussed right here on XDA the code i use to base this app its here: so this app will make a backup (just in case) and you can remove the patch if you want, ( you can do it using an editor tho) perhaps i think its easier in the app. The non rooted button ATM only close the browser i found if you restart your browser you can have some improvement, but anyway the interesting in this its the patch. THE PATCH its only FOR ROOT USERS World Of Warships Free Gold. !!!!!!!!! Well here its the link if you want, any issue let me know, to fix it new PLay store Link.