Gleaner Combine Serial Numbers

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Gleaner K Combine Serial Numbers

Feb 7, 2010 - First of all, I did do a search on this, and didn't come up with anything helpful. Can anyone post a list of serial number breakdowns, by year of manufacture, for the Gleaner Model F combines? Mine is F13873, and I'd like to know what year it is, but I'd also like to print the whole list and stick it in my operators. Mar 29, 2012 Does anyone have access to the serial numbers vs. Year models on the older Gleaner combines? Videos + Literature. Visit this area to view the roadshow videos, download literature or read the latest Gleaner newsletter, our quarterly publication for fans of Gleaner combines.

Cylinder width, 30', separator, 40' wide, 156' long, 5760 Sq. I don't know how that compares to a K. Actually, I have only combined about 15 bushels of barley with it so far. Barley was 30% moisture plus, and I had gas trouble and spark trouble with the engine, so it ran horribly, but the combine threshed very well. It is too for north to grow corn or soybeans well here, so I don't even know anyone who has tried it on them, but my combine origionally came from southern ontario, and the concave is worn out from soybeans, according to a previous owner, so I think they work on anything. Download Free Drilling Design Manual. I have a friend with an A and an E, and he loves them for grass seed, but you need screens for that. Intend to fix concave next year, this year I have to get it running.They are an easy machine to fix. I have always been a grass farmer, so have no experience with combines, but with a manual, I have been able to figure out what to do with it so far.

Regards, Harv. The Bonez Astronaut Rar Download. Download Roms Gba Gameboy Advance Advanced Adventure. Yep, your right. I live in North Eastern Ontario, 5 miles from the Quebec border,and about 300 miles north of Toronto. Sure would love to be able to send you guys about 10 or 20 inches of our excess rain every year.

I have never heard of anyone trying to grow alfalfa seed here, but we grow timothy, clover and trefoil.I have a friend with a John Deere 45,but I don't know how it compares in size to the A2. If you can get a deisel, I think you will have a great combine. I think mine will use about 3 gallons an hour, but the former owner I mentioned says his D19 deisel (same motor as the combine)uses about 1 gal. I think I will keep my eyes open for a deisel motor too.

I have a Gleaner A2 with serial #40128, and it is supposed to be a 1964 by what I was told, so yours is only a little older. The engine is likely an Allis Chalmers G-230. There should be a plate on the engine, on the grain tank side, to the left if the distributor cap, with the serial # and model # of the engine.

I am not very experienced with combines, but from reading adds, K's are newer, from the 70's and have a bigger GM292 engine, or deisel. I'm not sure if an A came in deisel, but an A2 does.

It's the same engine redesigned for deisel, which I think is the same as a D19. Hope this helps Harv. Hello Harv, Thanks for your response. From your comments, is the 'K' size just a newer version of the A2 or is the 'K' also a larger machine. What size cylinder does your A2 have? I have run mostly John-Deere but have a desire to try this Gleaner, good history of being much more service/repair friendly.

I assume that the machine, that I am looking to buy, is probably an A2 though I suggested just an 'A'. I will be looking at the machine in a couple of days. I do want to go to diesel if I buy so will be looking for a good diesel to interchange. Have you used your A2 in only grains? I need a combine for grains and alfalfa seed.