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6 Freecom MusicPal EN System requirements Your system needs to meet the following hardware and software requirements for the device to function properly. Feb 16, 2014 Free Download Freecom Network Storage Assistant 1.92 - This is a lightweight management tool for network storage devices issued by Freecom, which ca. 1: Festplatten Test Tool SE; The program supports following hard drive types: Western Digital, Samsung, Hitachi, Trekstor, Freecom, Seagate, Maxtor and IBM hard disks.

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• USER'S GUIDE MUSICPAL WIRELESS DIGITAL INTERNET RADIO MP3 STREAMER (W)LAN Rev. Download Drivers Intel Desktop Board Dh55tc. This device is an appliance made according to EN 55022 class B. Freecom shall assume no liability for damages of any kind, for loss of data or any conse- quential claims resulting thereof (including, and without restriction, claims relating to. • Freecom MusicPal Functions... Page 15 Chapter 4: The Freecom Network Storage Assistant (PC/Mac).Page 38 Chapter 5: Configuring the Freecom MusicPal through the web interface.

Page 43 Chapter 6: Freecom MusicPal in practical usage..Page 57 Appendix: Network basics... • Or else contact Freecom Support for more in-depth assistance. Freecom on the Internet You can find information on the MusicPal and other Freecom products on our Internet home page at the URL address To do this you require an Internet connection and a web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. Software requirements You only need to attend to the software requirements if you carry out the MusicPal configuration using the HTML side on the PC, or wish to use your computer as local UPnP server.

• Freecom MusicPal Compatibility The following play-list, file and streaming formats can be played with your Freecom MusicPal. Compatible play-list formats • Compatible file formats • • • LPCM Compatible streaming formats • UPnP • DLNA 1.5. • • Don‘t use the MusicPal in an environment that is full of dust.

Freecom Support - drivers, firmware, FAQ, manuals, and other downloads for your Freecom product. Downloads; Modelnaam zoeken. Firmware, driver, Gebruikershandleidingen, software, veelgestelde vragen en praktisch advies; zoeken op product: * PRODUCT REGISTREREN. Registreer uw product van Freecom vandaag.

Dust in the casing can damage the electronics in the interior and lead to malfunctions in the device. • • Display Clearly laid out and excellently illuminated display. • Control elements on casing The control elements on the casing front side make child‘s play of the MusicPal configu- ration procedure. • Electrical requirements Voltage: 100 – 240 V AC Frequency: 50 Hz –.

• Connecting / Installing the Freecom MusicPal Chapter 1: Connecting / Installing the Freecom MusicPal 1.1 Hardware (LAN) Installation of the Freecom MusicPal proceeds according to the following steps: 1. Connect the power pack to your Freecom MusicPal and plug into a power socket. • Freecom MusicPal 1. Hardware (WLAN) 1. Connect the power pack to your Freecom MusicPal and plug into a power socket. Select Settings in the main menu after you have switched on the MusicPal.