Epson Stylus Photo R300 Hard Reset

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How do I do factory reset on an EPSON Stylus Photo 1290 printer? The printer is refusing to work. It seems to be in some error state. I've tried re-installing drivers. How to Reset Epson Printers by John DeMerceau. Not all Epson printers have reset buttons. Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images. Related Articles. 1 How to Reset the Chip for a Printer; 2 Why After Changing a Cartridge Will the Printer Not Print? 3 How to Override Printer Ink Levels; 4 How to Check Ink Levels For an Epson Printer; Epson produces.

Danny, I had the same problem and the first thing I did was to take a paper towel and blot the ink from the wast trays. Use CAUTION as not to get any ink on your fingers or clothes as it is virtually impossible to remove. Also use care not to damgag or put force on the waste trays while blotting out the ink.

Epson Stylus Photo R300 Hard ResetEpson Stylus Photo R300 Factory Reset

Then I followed the procedure outlined in this forum: Turn printer off, press stop then maintenance and power holding all three down simultaneously until a message appears to turn the printer off to reset. Turn the printer off theb back on and you should be good to go. I've got the same problem, that it just won't turn ON. I have a hunch that it could be the power supply unit.perhaps it isn't pushing the required voltage. I removed the power supply and checked the 10 pin output which shows a max voltage of 1.7volts, which I think is not enough to run all elctrical parts.

If not the power supply than it could be the onboard computer driver. If you find out anything let me know. Bulk Mailer 8 2 Keygen Generator.

Oh, by the way, when I push the ON button the maintenance/replace ink RED button both come ON altho for only about 5 seconds then it goes off but also I noted that the LCD display shows nothing, no codes, not even a word or number. My unit is only 13 month old. I have 3 HP printers and all are over 6 years old and they work like a charm, no problems whatsoever with the exception of replacing the ink cartridges. I should of stuck with upgrading the HP. This is the last Epson product I'll ever buy. I pay about $149.00 FOR THE UNIT NEW and just to repair it they want about $360.00 Figure that out. I am also getting the same message as below.

However, when I try to boot the printer the band for the ink cartridges sounds like it is just winding uncontrolably. I’m getting the general error message that reads: See your printer documentation for information about clearing the error. All that the manual said was to turn off the printer and remove any foreign objects, like paper. I also went to and received the same information. There is not a paper jam, I have cleaned the waste hopper, I have cleaned the print head, and I have replaced the ink cartridges. I am still receiving the General Error message.

Thank you, Ashley. Same general error message. However I did not have my printer manual to see what to do. I just turned off the printer, waited a few minutes and turned back on, but same message. What had happened is that the output paper holder was up when a document was printing.

The paper therefore was not able to come out. Printer made a loud noise and gave me the general error message. I was able to remove the paper without any problem. There is no loud noise when I turn on the printer. The gold band moves, but the compartment that holds the cartridges doesn't move at all. Can anyone help out??

Hi i guess i have a pump not working. Denny, can u pls guide me on how to locate the pump, what to do with it and how to access the parts. My printer is a cx5400.

I saw that the pump would not suck in the ink coz of maybe hardened and dried ink, and thus, the pump could not vacumm suck. My email is i downloaded the SSC Utility and do the resets and eveything and i guess i should have removed the ink pads and clear the pumps and the tubes for clogs first. The printhead is A ok coz i soak it in the Epson Cleaning Solution that i bought here for 1 night and confirm it by blowing slowly with the syringe through the inlets and seeing the nozzles squirting bubbles and the solution. If only i could unlogged the suction tubes of the pump and get it to work first to know if the printheads would work. The manual does not tell you a lot to do with the general error. I think of that message like the check engine light on your car, it could mean almost anything.