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Drive Right textbook Chapter 6 Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. Drivers Ed Hidden Message Worksheets Answers. Adverse Weather Conditions Extreme weather conditions can make a difference in your normal driving. That mostly affects your ability to see, which is very limited in adverse weather conditions such as rain, fog, ice, snow, and dust. Chapter 6-Performing Basic Vehicle Maneuvers. 6.1-Steering, signaling. And begin braking 2. Flash your brake lights to warn drivers behind.

Hold the brake pedal down and shift to reverse 2. Turn your body to the right and put your right arm over the back of the passenger seat, look back through the rear window. Put your left hand at the top of the steering wheel at the 12 o clock position.

Release pressure on the brake just enough to allow the vehicle to creep backward slowly. Move the top of the steering wheel toward the direction you want the back of the vehicle to go. Keep your foot on the brake pedal while your vehicle is moving backward. Position your vehicle in the correct lane for the turn and signal half a block before the turn. Brake early to reduce speed. Use your visual search pattern to check the front zones for vehicles, pedestrians, and bikers.

Slow to about 10 mph just before the crosswalk. For a right turn, check to the left again before turning, then look in the direction of the turn. Begin turning the wheel when your vehicle's front bumper is even with the curbline. As you begin your turn, make a quick blind spot check through the right side window and check front and rear zones.

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