Dayz 1.7.0 Download Mirror

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Dayz 1.7.0 Download Mirror

Download Dayz 1 7 0 - 119108333 for free, free download Dayz 1 7 0 from mediafire file host.

Youtube To Mp3 Converter Flv 2 Mp3 more. DayZ X is based on Haleks's FACTIONS release. I've removed most features, such as friendly AI and what not. And 'rebuilt' it to be DayZ X (an updated version of BreakingZero).

That being said, Haleks spent alot of time fixing glitches and getting playable. I've also used the DayZero replacement addons, wich opens up buildings and replaces wreck models. I will also be using the Epoch building system, later on. Therefor, the building supplies in the cheat menu wont work, obviously. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Do you have any ideas for DayZ X?

Upcomming changes + changelog: Upcomming changes: - Automatic lootcycle. - Epoch building system. Update 0.1 changes: - Fixed addtoBack options. - Added the baseball bat to more buildings. Cpuid Hwmonitor Pro Serial Key.