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I'm posting it trough this weekend I think.The latest thing I post of Chuck ragan was ole diesel and I received mails to erase it. The man is playing in my town on friday.

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Only show in France. So I'll go to him with my hwm tatoo on my leg and say: -'Hey how are you doing? Your last cd is great, more county-ish but still awesome. Your warm voice, your easy listenning guitar chords, these melodies which stick to the bones. Download Cisco Vpn Client For Windows 8 32 Bit on this page. ' And he'll say just that, with a tiny smile on his face. -'I'm doing great' So I'll look at him with all my gratitude.

-'Yeah, thats how i feel when listenning to gold country. I'm doing great. It's good to be alive.' And then realized I just closed my eyes and that is in front of us as I get carried away by his show. Or maybe, as always, it'll be the time a fucking douche spills beer on me. The materials on this blog are for promotional use only (such as reviews and/or preview before actual purchase), and should be deleted after 24 hours of the initial download of the files. In no way, shape or form is this used for profit or any source of monetary gain.

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Former Hot Water Music frontman, Chuck Ragan releases his sophomore solo album 'Gold Country' performed with collaborators like violinist Jon Gaunt and Hot Water Music drummer George Rebelo. Recorded in Northern California, its some of the most mature music Ragan claims to have ever take part in, adding that he spent more time on the album than he has on any other recording in his career. Ragan plans to replicate the album in a live setting on the second annual Revival Tour, a traveling road show harkening back to the early folk era. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cool Blogs.