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BUFR Viewer BUFR Viewer The BUFR Viewer is a program which is still under development. At the moment, it can read the scatterometer data from Metop-A and ERS2 satellites, the 100km and 25km QuikSat data, the SatWinds data from AQUA and TERRA, and the AMV (air-motion vector) data from EUMETSAT. All this data is available over the EUMETCast dissemination system.

BUFR (Binary Universal Form for the Representation of meteorological data) is Table. Driven Data Representation Forms approved by the World Meteorological Organization. (WMO) for operational use since 1988. Since then, it has been used for the representation and exchange of observational data, as well as for.

It can also read data from the EUMETSAT Archive facility (UMARF) which is available off-line, and includes Meteosat-2 and Meteosat-7 data. If there is sufficient interest, the program may be developed to allow other data to be visualised.

Here is a sample of the ERS2 scatterometer product visualised by the BUFR Viewer, overlaid on a user-image background, and with country boundaries drawn in. You can zoom in to clarify data in a particular region. Zoomed in on hurricane Bertha, July 2008. Bermuda is the tiny island in the north-west corner of the screenshot. Data from Meteosat-9 showing winds over Europe. Data copyright (c) EUMETSAT 2008. Supported data Here is information about some of the supported data types, and the TelliCast and MSG Data Manager settings required.

The disk locations are given relative to a standard MSG Data Manager installation, where the HRIT images are in Images HRIT. I've also added a note about whether you get this data automatically, or whether you need to request it explicitly from EUMETSAT.

Description Data Source EUMETCast Data Channel Need to Request Disk location from MSG Data Manager Control location in MSG Data Manager EUMETCast [SAF-Europe]? Images SCAT 2008 06 13 SAF tab, ASCAT ascat_20000_metopa_08567_eps_o_250_ovw.l2_bufr W_XX-EUMETSAT-Darmstadt,SOUNDING+SATELLITE,METOPA+ASCAT_C_EUMP_0300_27543_eps_o_125_ssm_l2.bin W_XX-EUMETSAT-Darmstadt,SOUNDING+SATELLITE,METOPA+AVHRR_C_EUMP_4303_27543_eps_o_amv_l2.bin EUMETCast [EUMETSAT Data Channel 1]? Images SCAT 2008 06 13 SAF tab, ERS-SCAT scatt_20004_ers2___00000_ear_o_250_ovw.l2_bufr EUMETCast [SAF Europe]? Images SAF 2008 06 13 SAF tab, Ocean & Sea Ice S-OSI_-KNMI-QS100_D08165_S1503_E1617_B4679191 from AQUA and TERRA (north + south polar) EUMETCast [EUMETSAT Data Channel 4] Yes Images WINDS 2008 06 13 SAF tab, MODIS winds satwnd.bufrwvap.TERRA.D2008165.T1841Z.ENTC Air Motion Vectors EUMETCast [EUMETSAT Data Channel 3]? Images MPEF 2008 06 13 MPEF tab, AMV 45-amv.bfr+ Metoesat-2 & -6 UMARF data Meteosat data requested from the. METEOSAT2-MVIRI-MTPHRVW1-NA-1-2900Z-927200.bfr METEOSAT6-MVIRI-MTPCSWV-NA-1-1100Z-926836.bfr 25km QuikSat UMARF data QuikSat data requested from the. Elusidasi Struktur Senyawa Organik Pdf To Excel.

OASW07_08_M02.bufr Note that the AMV (air motion vector) data contains a lot of motion vectors, and therefore may take some tens of seconds to decode and display. Data which is NOT currently supported: Level-1 data, such as: ascat_20000_metopa_08247_eps_o_125.l1_bufr Note the 'L1' in the file extension. There are more comprehensive (graphical) and (command-line) programs from Francis Breame. Getting the BUFR Viewer Download V1.1.10 Update Bufr2Asc.exe for newer-format data, consistency check on restore, more diagnostics, correct table path error. V1.1.12 Update for new 'sounder' file names. V1.1.14 Support AMVE files (temporary data from EUMETCast), environment variable BOUNDARY_COLOUR can define the boundary colour grey-shade.