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Hello, some sites already offer new Autel OBD scanners, MD801 and AA101 (MaxiDiag Pro MD801,ABS/Airbag scanner AA101,oil light /airbag reset tool - Pphitop9 (Does someone have further information about these scanners? Free Medical Terminology Abbreviations there. They look like the Maxidiag 70x series, but seem to have more RAM, since jp, eu, us and fr cars are listed at once. Would be interesting to know, if the DTC database is updated (I don't believe that since only cars 'til 2008 are covered) and if its compatible to the 70x series and if this scanner is worth buying it. *Zhang Li says: [10:20:56] *Hi, good day [10:21:36] *This is Zhangli, you just add my MSN [10:21:43] *What can I do for you *Furax says: [10:33:16] *Hi, are you a reseller of the Maxidiag Pro MD801? *Zhang Li says: [10:33:31] *yes *Furax says: [10:35:31] *Is it a genuine autel part, or have you just combined the preivous 70x model into one cloned machine?

Forum with regards to your tool: And here a links with a possible update offered from this web-site/company: Autel MaxiDiag DS708 TS601 MOT PRO EU908 MaxiDiag Elite Software Update. On Autel official site, and download software program. JP701, EU702, US703. Autel MaxiDiag US703 User's Manual,Software Download. Autel MaxiSys Elite MS908P MS905 Mini MS906 Software Update.

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Also how much shipped to the UK for one unit. *Zhang Li says: [10:38:50] *Autel Model [10:38:52] *original *Furax says: [10:39:18] *and how much shipped to the UK?

*Zhang Li says: [10:39:54] *checking the express fee. Will update you soon *Furax says: [10:40:11] *Thankyou *Zhang Li says: [10:40:20] *:) [10:48:58] *USD450/PC to UK [10:49:12] *can pay by paypal or to our company account *Furax says: [10:56:49] *Ok Thanks, can you let me know the differences over the earlier 70x model, does this have more memory or any added features? Belajar Rumus Microsoft Excel 2010 Pdf. *Zhang Li says: [10:58:36] *for a lot of cars: Toyota 1994~2008,Mazda 1996~2008, Ford 1984~2008, Citroen 1996~2008, BMW & Mini 1993~2008, Opel 1997~2008, Honda 1994~2008, Mitsubishi 1994~2008, Chrysler 1988~2008, Peugeot 1996~2008, Mercedes 1995~2008, Nissan 1994~2008, GM 1984~2008, Renault 1996~2008, VW/AUDI 1990~2008, Volvo 1996~2008, Global OBDII compliant US, European, Asian vehicles [10:59:15] *70X if for respectively for Europe, Japan, US, France cars *Furax says: [10:59:43] *Has the memory been upgraded to take all the extra makes? *Zhang Li says: [11:00:11] *yes *Furax says: [11:00:17] *how much? *Zhang Li says: [11:00:37] * USD450/PC to UK can pay by paypal or to our company account 450 usd =?290 ish, almost twice the price of the 70x on ebay:(.