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I am trying to reach our company's Citrix web interface to launch apps and keep getting prompted to install the citrix client, as see in the attachment. I already have the latest client installed – CitrixOnlinePluginFull - it is 'special' for IE9. I have uninstalled reinstalled the client and receive same prompt. I hesitate to click ‘install’, when prompted by the browser, because it will uninstall the FULL plugin and install the web only plugin. As well, if I press 'skip to logon', the interface showing published apps opens but attempting to launch any apps results in pop-up dialog bar asking to download 'launch.ica'. Other published apps, through the PNAagent run fine. This appears to be something related to IE9 and active x but not sure what to try to fix.

All Components Contained In This Installation Package

An installation package contains all of the information that the Windows Installer requires to install or uninstall an application or product and to run the setup.

I have tried all the recommendations in the below article, with the exception of the registry hack, and no go. Any experts have any insight on how to make this work with IE9?

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It seems you have client deployment enabled on your web interface. You can do one of the following: 1. If you don't want to deploy any client to the users in any scenario then go to the web interface console >go to 'client deployment' >uncheck 'offer upgrades for clients' 2. If you don't want to disable client deployment but you only want to skip it for the installed clients then browse to: c: inetpub wwwroot Citrix XenApp con f Open the file: we interface.conf Scroll to the ICA section and locate where the plugin file name is mentioned. There you need to append to the end of the statement after the comma the version as: Version:12.1.44 This will have the effect of bypassing the prompt if you have a later version installed on the client.

Well, the problem is the client detection. You can do either the client fix (changing the association) or the server side fix which only has to be done one time. The only problem on the server side is I'm not a javascript guy, so the code I put in there has a pretty good chance of being syntactically wrong. The key is that detection code. It says instantiate Citrix.ICAClient which only exists if the web client is installed. It doesn't even *try* to instantiate Citrix.ICAClient. Shaheen Serial Sony Wiki. 2.7 which is what all of the more recent clients do. Some of the older clients try to instantiate Citrix.ICAClient.2.5, but that is still broken.

The idea on that code is to tell it basically try to instantiate Citrix.ICAClient and if that doesn't work, then try the Citrix.ICAClient.2.7. Call A Pizza Speisekarte Pdf Editor. (you could (in theory) next multiple if statements to catch some of the older versions also).

It's not a versioning problem, just the client detection. The versioning problem (at least it used to) throws a specific error saying your client is too old. Unless you configure versioning in WI, it is turned off by default. In the older versions (pre 12.1.44) When you used IE9, the client detection would do it's thing (as I posted above). However, you would never get the yellow bar at the bottom to launch/save the file. If you checked your temp directory at the time, you would get a file called launch.ica.partial.

That had the content of the launch.ica file, but the file itself never completed. You could take the the partial file and rename it, or copy it to launch.ica, and then double click it, and it would launch just fine. Or, you could right click on the web page, and do a Save target as. And get the full file properly. This is why they released the 12.1.44 version - it got rid of that.partial problem.

The behavior with IE9 is correct to use the download bar at the bottom. (I use IE9 pretty much exclusively, so this extra click to launch is almost a non-thought for me. It just happens). I don't *think* there is a way for it to launch without that bar, but I haven't spent a lot of time figuring it out.

My only thought on IE9 x64 is that maybe it can't instantiate the ICA Client, because it is a 32-bit client? (Citrix and most other vendors don't have 64bit plugins for IE yet. That will probably take years). My suggestion to include the version number, although may seem to sound like a versioning issue, is not actually related to versioing as is. My suggestion to include a lesser version in the ICA section of the.conf file would dictate the Web Interface not to prompt for installing a plugin when the installed plugin on the client side is the same version or higher. If it really that IE9 64bit client detection is broken then coralon's solution might resolve the issue. However, if my assumption that the web interface is detecting an 'unvalid' plugin it will always prompt for installing a plugin if you have client deployment enabled.